英語字幕付きのドラマ Dramas with English subtitles
チーム・バチスタの栄光 Team Batista Series - Glory of Team Batista

出演:伊藤淳史 仲村トオル 城田優 鶴見辰吾 鈴木裕樹 戸田昌宏 伊原剛志 ほか

The "Team Batista" consists of surgeons and specialists of various areas. Taguchi begins investigating the causes of the patients' deaths with the help of Shiratori who is sent from the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare. Were they really medical errors? Or murders?
姉ちゃんの恋人 Our Sister's Soulmate

出演:有村架純 林遣都 奈緒 髙橋海人(King & Prince) 和久井映見 藤木直人 ほか

Momoko, 27, works at a big home center in the suburb of Tokyo. She lost her parents when she was 18, and decided to work to raise 3 younger brothers on her own instead of going to college. Momoko meets Manato and she falls in love with him.
まだ結婚できない男 He Who Can't Marry season 2
出演:阿部寛 吉田羊 深川麻衣 稲森いずみ 塚本高史 ほか
英語字幕付きの大河ドラマ Taiga Dramas with English subtitles
八重の桜 Yae's Sakura
出演:綾瀬はるか 西島秀俊 長谷川博己 綾野剛 西田敏行 ほか

Yamamoto Yae is the daughter of a gunnery instructor in the Aizu Domain. She grows up to be a competitive tomboy; her father, Gonpachi, and her mother, Saku, always have trouble with her. Her beloved older brother, Kakuma, is distinguished as a scholar and as a soldier. He is also a crack shot. Inspired by him, Yae takes a great interest in gunnery. Later, Kakuma goes to the city of Edo to learn about the latest western gunnery. Yae studies gunnery in secret. Her father discovers what she is doing and angrily forbids it.
英語字幕付きの映画 Movies with English subtitles
劇場版 おいしい給食 School Meals Time Final Battle
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80年代。ある中学校で、給食マニアの教師と生徒が、静かな「闘い」を続けていた。それは、どちらが給食を「おいしく食べるか」。 今世紀最大の“給食・バトルロワイアル”が今、開幕する!

出演:市原隼人 武田玲奈 佐藤大志 豊嶋花 辻本達規 ほか

In the 1980s, at a certain middle school, a battle quietly rages between a school lunch-obsessed teacher and his student...the battle to see who can eat their school lunch in the most “delicious way.” Through the classic food genre of late-night drama, the long awaited “school lunch battle” begins now!
外事警察その男に騙されるな Black Dawn
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国際テロを未然に防ぐ為に組織された外事警察。ある日、朝鮮半島から濃縮ウランが流出したという情報が入る。 同時期に軍事機密データも消え、日本での核テロの可能性が高まった。“公安の魔物”と畏怖される住本ほか外事四課は、日本に潜伏する工作員らしき男<奥田正秀>に目をつけ、妻の果織を≪協力者=スパイ≫に取り込むと決めた。

出演:渡部篤郎 キム・ガンウ 真木よう子 尾野真千子 田中泯 ほか

In 2011, top-secret data on nuclear power is stolen from a university facility. At the same time, leaked information comes in about enriched uranium from the Korean peninsula. Sumimoto of the external affairs’ fourth division suspects that a conspiracy has been hatched to rock Japan-Korean relations.
きらきら眼鏡 Lenses on Her Heart
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出演:金井浩人 池脇千鶴 安藤政信 古畑星夏 杉野遥亮 片山萌美 ほか

Tachibana bought an old book and found a business card put in between leaves. One phrase that moved is heart deeply was underlined in the book. Tachibana decided to call the contact on the card and meet this lady who read the same book. Then comes the mystery lady Akane who can see things sparklingly...
さよなら渓谷 The Ravine of Goodbye
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出演:真木よう子 大西信満 鈴木杏 大森南朋 木下ほうか ほか

Drama that depicts a sensual world under the sway of a peculiar worldview, based on author Yoshida Shuichi's novel of the same name. Ozaki Shunsuke lives in a ravine far from the city with his wife Kanako. Watanabe, a reporter covering an infanticide incident, has his doubts about this couple who live in hiding with only the bare necessities.
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出演:市原隼人 比嘉愛未 高岡蒼甫 芦名星 渡部豪太 和田聰宏 光石研/西村雅彦/國村隼/小西真奈美 ほか

Genius lock picker and womanizer Saru (Ichihara) receives a request from a mysterious beauty (Manami Higa) to open a vault. Inside the vault is a trunk that was stolen from a bank a few days ago. The unknowing Saru ends up being chased down by the yakuza and the police.
セブンガールズ Seven Girls
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出演:坂崎愛 堀川果奈 安達花穂 河原幸子 藤井直子 ほか

The Pacific War has ended and eight prostitutes entertain American soldiers in American occupied Tokyo. They have managed to get by while helping one another, but the women are being trifled with by the men around them.
めんたいぴりり Mentai-piriri

出演:博多華丸 富田靖子 ほか

"Mentai Piriri"'s protagonist is modelled after Toshio Kawahara, who founded mentaiko (seasoned cod roe) manufacturer Fukuya and popularized the food in Japan.
この国の空 When I Was Most Beautiful

出演:二階堂ふみ 長谷川博己 工藤夕貴 富田靖子 ほか

Depicts illicit love shared between a man and woman during wartime.
多十郎殉愛記 Love's Twisting Path
〝巨匠〟中島貞夫監督 20年ぶりの最新作。59年の映画人生を次世代に受け継いだ、日本映画史に残る新しい「ちゃんばら映画」が誕生!! 終了日: 09-30-21 英語字幕付き: Yes 放送年: 2019

出演:高良健吾 多部未華子 木村了 寺島進 ほか

In order to evade the debt left by his parents, ronin Kiyokawa Tajuro arrives in Kyoto upon leaving the Choshu domain. One day, Tajuro is assailed by the Kyoto Patrol which received information from an undercover detective. Tajuro stakes his life in a fight to protect the proprietress of a small restaurant, Otoyo, and others who showed him kindness.

出演:大杉漣 玉置玲央 光石研 ほか

Drama about a "chaplain" clergy member who helps inmates in correctional facilities such as prisons and juvenile detention centers. The film marks actor Osugi Ren's debut as a producer, as well as his final starring role before his death in 2018.
しゃぼん玉 Where I Belong

出演:林遣都 市原悦子 藤井美菜 綿引勝彦 相島一之 ほか

Drama adaptation of the bestselling novel by Naoki Prize-winning author Nonami Asa.